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Top Teams as of March 23, 2014



Congratulate the Lighten Up 4 Life Winners

Thinkin Thin losing 7.69% of Weight
Susan Fritts who accumulated 13,105 activity minutes!



Lighten Up 4 Life January – April 2013 Winners
Team: Slimming for Summer from Rugby Middle School

Congratulations to Beverly McArthur, Connie Stover, Jamie Fuentes and Alicia Odom!

slimming for summer
Beverly McArthur, Alicia Odom, Connie Stover and Jamie Fuentes

They lost 49 pounds and 6.08% of weight

When asked how they did it? They answered, “they encouraged each other throughout the challenge.”

Their advice for the participants of new challenge (April 29 – August 16), they suggested “Just keep at it,
remember it’s a journey, not a quick trip and don’t get discouraged when you have a bad day and mess up. Just remember there is another day...just get back on it the next day.”
Other recommendations from the Slimming for Summer team: “Drink lots of water, it helps. Walk and exercise”.
And, they love the free fitness videos on Lighten Up 4 Life!

The top individual winner for this challenge is: Anita Funston who lost an incredible 11.17% of her body weight!

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The Winning Team for the August 27 – December 14, 2012 Challenge is: "Thinkin Thin"

Even during the holidays, this winning team lost 6.48% of weight and 35.5 pounds.
Congratulations to Linda Laughter, Christa Blumm, Sheri Cline, and Carol Kramer!

thinkin thin



The Winning Team for the April 27 – August 17, 2012 Challenge is:

"Thinkin Thin"

Team Thinkin Thin

This winning team lost 10.32% of weight and 83 pounds. Incredible!

Congratulations to Linda Laughter, Christa Blumm, Sheri Cline and Carol Kramer!





The Winning Team for the January 2 – April 20, 2012 Challenge is:

Weight Busters from Interfaith Assistance Ministry.

This winning team lost 4.26% of weight and 27.6 pounds!

Congratulations to Rebecca Moon, Janna Davis, Pauline Warren, and Eleanor Wilson!


Our top individual winner for this challenge is:
Cheryl Ball who lost an incredible 13.04% of her body weight!




The Winning Team for the September 1 – December 16, 2011 Challenge is:

Phat Pharm Team from Pardee Hospital.

This winning team lost 5.21% of weight and 43.5 pounds!
Congratulations to Sarah Shaw, Darlene Sain, Maggie Page and Kerri Hagedorn!

Our top individual participant winner for this challenge is:
Lou Ann Welter from the City of Hendersonville who lost 3.62% of weight!

Top 10 Lighten Up 4 Life teams for this challenge!








The Winning Team for the May 2 – August 19, 2011 Session is:
Fab Four from Pardee Hospital! They lost 3.63% of weight and 26.5lbs!


Our top individual winner is:
Cindy Hagat from Pardee Hospital who lost 7.3% of her body weight and 13lbs!


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