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How You Burn Calories Walking
Everyday Health
Your weight and the distance you walk determine the energy calories burned while walking. Walking speed matters less than distance and weight. A rule of thumb is 100 calories per mile are burned for a 180-pound person and 65 calories per mile for a 120-pound person. Use this calculator or see the chart at the bottom of the page.
Click here for the walking calories calculator.


Shape Up and Slim Down with 9 Round!
If you haven’t heard of 9 Round and the amazing results it can produce, now is time to get better acquainted. To learn more about the program, we spoke with the ultimate insider — owner and operator of the Asheville facility, Danny Brown.

“9 Round is a 30-minute kickboxing workout that takes customers through a series of highly structured stations, similar to circuit training. Routines change daily and personal trainers are always on the floor to help throughout the process and to make sure each part of the workout is effective and safe,” Brown explained.

The results speak for themselves: Danny started out as a customer himself, dropping 35 pounds and adding lean muscle made him eager to launch his own business and bring similar results to others. “We have two close friends who joined at the end of the February. They’ve already shed 40 pounds and 25 inches each,” Brown said. “Our staff helps customers get and stay motivated. We help our clients reach their goals, but never push them past their limits,” he continued.

People love 9 Round because the routines change every day and the 30-minute time commitment helps those with busy schedules squeeze in a workout virtually anytime. A personable staff that’s always willing to help gives the facility a focused, friendly, and constructive atmosphere. As a local Lighten Up 4 Life sponsor, now is the perfect time to explore what 9 Round can do for you. It’s contract-free and customers can cancel membership with a 30-day notice. Call 828-684-6390 to learn more!


Just Beginning an Exercise Program?
8 Tips to Avoid Injuries While Exercising

back painEvery person that exercises fears getting that dreaded injury. Every beginner that is new to exercise has an overriding fear of getting an injury when
they finally have the motivation to start a new adventure in exercise. As a coach, it is a main responsibility to make sure that everyone from a beginner
to an athlete is safe from the injury that is going to take them away from their main goal. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to keep the body
going without it breaking down in the end.

Before you begin any exercise it is always important to consult your physician.
Don't have a doctor? Use our button below to locate a physician near you.

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Breast surgery can limit arm movement, but regular and gentle exercise can improve your range of motion and restore full mobility. If you’re planning breast surgery or recovering from surgery, follow the advice and phased exercise approach in this article by the American Cancer Society.


Interview of a Personal Trainer on Couch to 5K

How long is a 5K? 3.1 miles
What if I can’t run? The whole idea is to complete the 5k whether you walk or run, just so you know you can do it. The goal is to get your body used to moving more. Who knows? You may get the added benefits of losing weight and feeling better. Walking is good exercise for your whole body, including the heart.
What kind of gear will I need? Good walking or running shoes are a must. You do not want to wear flat bottomed shoes with no support. Proper body alignment is important when exercising.

Angela Osteen Vaughan is a native of Hendersonville North Carolina, born at our very own Pardee Hospital.  After her schooling she served our country as an active duty Marine, then the USMC reserve program with 12 years service and honorable discharge. After her discharge she learned how hard it was to lose weight after gaining extra weight due to being less active and emotional
eating. Because of this she started a nutrition program, got back into dance and other activities. She worked with people who gave her great advice and she got back to her goal weight.  Angela owns Fitness Masters which is a personal fitness training company and specialized classes.  She also provides fitness
classes at
Pardee Signature Care, including low impact aerobics.





Couch to 5k
Running/Walking Plan

run walk plan

Never thought of running/walking a 5k? Well here's why you might consider beginning training for one:
Participating in a couch to 5K plan just might help you to lose weight and becoming more active may help improve your overall health as well.
Now you're asking, how do I get started and just how many miles is a 5K anyway?  Well, a 5K is 3.1 miles and to help you get you underway we've put together some information and soon (2 – 3 months) you’ll be ready to run/walk your first 5K. 
Now the tips to get you started:
Dress appropriately for the weather.Make sure that you warm up and stretch before each run/walk. Cool down after each session.
Click here for a beginner’s run/walk program…
Hopefully this plan will transform you from a couch potato to runner/walker, getting you to begin running or walking your first 5K in just two months.

And click here to pick a local 5K Race…

How to Avoid Injury.
Read more about sports injury prevention…


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